Apr 21

Resistance to synthetic antibiotics in an uncontacted Amerindians population

As the climate change, everybody on earth is affected by the antibiotic resistance. The proof have been made by a multidisciplinary team from US and Venezuela with this paper published in Science advance.


In 2008, an unmapped village of Amazonas state in Venezuela counting 34 subjects was sighted by an army helicopter, and a medical mission landed there in 2009. Volar forearm skin, oral mucosa, and fecal samples were collected before the health team vaccinated children and administered antibiotics.

These Yanomami harbor a microbiome with the highest diversity of bacteria and genetic functions ever reported in a human group. The unfortunate thing is that they harbor bacteria that carry functional antibiotic resistance (AR) genes, including those that confer resistance to synthetic antibiotics and are syntenic with mobilization elements.

This suggest that westernization significantly affects human microbiome diversity and that functional AR genes appear to be a feature of the human microbiome even in the absence of exposure to commercial antibiotics.

The restoration of the microbiome could reverse the current trend in metabolic and inflammatory diseases.


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